Source Setup

Here is how to build from source

Pre-build steps

Move into API directory $ cd api/

Open Rocket.toml with your favorite editor.

Edit the line address and put your ip in quotes. (This is the IP or address which you will be able to access the API from)

Example: address = ""

Edit the line workers to the number of workers/threads you want the API to use. A single worker can NOT process 2 requests at the same time, so if you have 2 workers you could have 2 different requests being processed.

Example: workers = 4

NOTE: unless you plan to have many people accessing the API at once 1 or 2 workers would be fine.

Return to root directory $ cd ..


Currently we require rust-nightly

Build script

Linux && macOS

Run $ ./ api

To clean the build run $ ./ clean-api


Windows builds are not yet supported

Manual build

First follow build instructions for CPP sources here

Make the build directory in api/ $ mkdir api/build/

Move files to build directory for the API:

cp build/{character-generator,name-generator,roll,openrpg} api/build/

Move into api directory $ cd api/

Run cargo build $ cargo build


After building run cargo run $ cargo run