Learn how OpenRPG gives you all the tools you need to get creative

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OpenRPG is still in its infancy and I want it to do a lot by v1.0.0! What OpenRPG aims to accomplish two fold.

First, it will be a tool for someone to use to quickly create content for a tabletop RPG world. v1.0.0 will focus specifically on the 5e rules, however I hope to have that expand out to include Pathfinder and as far back as AD&D.

Secondly, OpenRPG should be structured in such a way that game developers that want to emulate the d20 system in a video game could easily implement our libraries in their games to help speed production of back end tools.

Some of the features this tool will include by v1.0.0 are:

  • A GUI front-end for the CLI tools
  • A dice simulation tool
  • A name generator tool
  • A character generator tool (with the option to autofill a character sheet)
  • A town generator tool
  • An encounter/combat generator tool
  • A world generator tool
  • A world/town map generator

… And more (hopefully)!

v0.1.0 is a basis for the CLI/developer version, but v1.0.0 will contain a portable GUI that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.