Scan and parse a string to preform advance die math

Namespace: ORPG

Assembly: none


Defined in #include "roll-parser.h"

class ExpressionTree {
        void set_expression(const std::string exp);
        void scan_expression();
        int parse_expression();
        int checked_sum(int op1, int op2);
        int checked_multiplication(int op1, int op2);
        std::string to_string();

Member functions

Function Description
void set_expression(const std::string exp) sets the expression to be scanned and parsed equal to exp
void scan_expression() scans the expression, creating a tree of parse_nodes* to be parsed
int parse_expression() parses the ExpressionTree of parse nodes returning the result of the expression as an integer value
int checked_sum(int op1, int op2) ensures the additon of op1 and op2 will not overflow
int checked_multiplication(int op1, int op2) ensures the multiplaction of op1 by op2 will not overflow
std::string to_string() returns a string representation of the current ExpressionTree